Anyone getting what they ordered?

  • Hi all, ordered a Little Monster last month, have yet to receive the goods despite my card being charged. Talked to customer support and they stated that the they were backed up 1200 units and were coming back into the shop to start fulfilling about two weeks ago.

    After that conversation my order was moved to "fulfilled" with a tracking number, but it is either a dummy, or has been printed but not picked up. 

    Has anyone successfully recieved an order in 2021? Has anyone received a refund that asked for it? I think we would all prefer the printers, but at this point I see a lot of unhappiness in the forum. I also don't see any YouTube reviews with the new homer's machines, so either they aren't orange or no nobody has recieved one.

    Anyway, just wanted to start something where we can all share information and success stories so people can make decisions on what to do next! Good luck!

  • Hi I have a similalr situation however I don't get feedback on customer services;/ 

    Could you give me some information about how do you reach customer services? 

  • I used the chat icon on the Homer's webpage, it was about 11:30PM Central time. It said it was Chris the owner, he seems to be doing everything at this point. 

    If I don't see some kind of movement soon, I am just going to dispute the charge with my bank, let them fight it out.

  • I didn’t receive my order, I also got a Fedex number, but I haven’t received a part number yet. It seems to me that we just gave money to an unknown person. Or they go bankrupt with a good promotion.

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