Firmware update tarantula rs

  • hello,

    i have a problem with updating the firmware via sd card. i unzipped the firmware from the website and put the sd card in the printer. The printer booted and shows a white screen. nothing happens,

    ( To my printer: i guess its an tarantula pro. Makerbase mks sgen L v1, upgraded to Tmc2208 (just switched the plug so its runs in the right direction), non touchscreen. )


  • You need to reflash your tft screen board. Its pretty easy. I have had to troubleshoot all my own issues with these printers from SMD's to firmware. Download these files Needed TFT-Reflash Files.

    Unzip and place them on your SD card. This is not printer firmware but the firmware needed for the screen. It also gives you a cool explanation on easily customizing your screen, Custom logo colors etc. Once you place those on the sd card reboot. It will run through the motions be patient. Home your printer first, your all set

  • @Tim Freiter Last make sure you open the configuration.h file in the firmware and make sure the correct board is set before you flash the actual printer board. If you need some help, just reach out.

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