Wiring and WiFi questions

  • 1) The PDF manual comes without any instructions for wiring. Most can be figured out from online videos, but the front display is different for RS from Pro. RS comes with only 1 ribbon cable (8-pin). And there are 2 spots on the display board, Where does it connect??

    2) The printer is supposed to have WiFi printing ability. How do I print via WiFi? Is there some smart app for that, or software for PC?

  • @Peregrine 1) 1- Regarding the Homers/TEVO RS ,The wiring about the mainboard , we have prebuilt the whole control box and 100% testing before ship out . 

                             2- Regarding the RS LCD cables , that's only one cables to connect it , the others it'es unless so far .

    2) The RS support the Wifi Printing ability , but customers have to DIY and buy the Wifi model connect to the APP , so far we recommned the Makersbase app and Myminifactory APP to contact the board . We will report to our R&D team release the wifi instruction videos .  You can use the SD card and connect the PC for printing .

  • You response is completely worthless!

    Let me rephrase my questions:

    1) WHERE DO YOU CONNECT THE CABLE FOR THE LCD DISPLAY? THERE ARE 2 PORTS ON DISPLAY, BUT 1 CABLE. Your response does not answer my question whatsoever. Give me names of the ports where the ribbon cable connects, both on mainboard and on LCD board.

    2) The RS "supports" the WiFi but I have to buy it?? That is ridiculous. So that means there is NO WiFi unless I buy and install it myself. That's another misadvertisement. Do you even have instructions and details on all of that? If everything is DIY and I have to figure everything myself, you should not be listing WiFi feature at all!

  • @Peregrine 
    Thanks for your message sir ,
    1- We have instruction manual in here , please check this link . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nS1kqwLeMgI
    2- RS we wrote the ' Option' in the title , that's for upgraded kits by customers , because we tested Makerbase's APP printing , that's no that good , we stop directly recommend the customers to use the APPs printing , By the way ,we will change the RS title now , thanks for your feedback , if have any question feel free to contact us .

  • @Peregrine Let me know if you still need help with this.  I have that same machine and i can help you get it all figured out.

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