Sharp04 LS055R1SX04 With Glass protector MIPI To Sharp03 2K 5.5 inch SX04 LCD Resin For Photon Elegoo mars 3D Printer

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LS055R1SX04/03 Sharp04  2K 5.5 inch LCD Resin Panel For 3D Printer


Active area      :    68.04(H)X120.96(V)  mm  

Pixel format     :    1440(H)×2560(V) Pixel     

                             1 Pixel =R+G+B dots               

Pixel pitch        :  0.01575(H) x 0.04725(V) mm  

Pixel configuration :  R,G,B vertical stripes              

Display mode    :   Normally Black                   

LDC Driving method :  DC Driving / Column Inversion       

Liquid Crystal Mode :   New Mode2                    

Number of colors  :   16,777,216  Colors                 24 bits

Outline dimensions  : 70.94(W)×128.49 (H)×1.35(D) TYP mm                 Note 3‐1

Mass     :          Approx 25 g  




Shipping list:


Elegoo Mars /Photon :sharp04 screen + mipi to mipi board(sharp03 to sharp04)+ cable shield + sticky paper


Elegoo Mars Pro /Photon s : sharp04 screen+ cable shield + sticky paper



Care must be taken before purchasing: Photon and Photon s need adapters. Direct connection without an adapter can damage the motherboard.Please let customer service know if you need an adapter or note it directly on your order.


If the screen does not light up, you can click here to view the solution.




shipping list.


Be sure to pay attention to the orientation of the adapter connections when using on photon or photon s.







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