Real Dual Dirve Extruder All Metal For 3D Printer E3D MK8 Prusa 3:1 2020 New Upgrade Titan Aero BMG NF OMG

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Extruder-OMG V2

Suitable filament diameter 1.75mm Real-time dual drive Extrusion reduction ratio: 1:3 Synchronous gear: material aluminum 48 teeth Adaptation: 42 stepper motor-standard mounting hole 31mm All metal material-host CNC finishing Optional: short distance and long distance extrusion C F (F remote extrusion mounting plate is-acrylic 4.5mm thickness) (C short-range mounting plate is 4mm aluminum 6063 material) Adapter mounting plate: suitable for standard 20*20 aluminum profile For left and right hands (just adjust the direction of the extruder stepper motor) Dimensions: 19.5*42*48mm Weight about: 73g (F) Weight about: 89g (C) Features: *The tightest filament feeding pipe gap design supports soft filament TPU printing. * Upgraded filament bite gear-deeper concave and sharper. Reduce the phenomenon of planing. *Withdrawal speed can be unlimited, *1:3 reduction ratio, 3 times the torque output can support a lighter stepping motor, *Lightweight design to reduce movement inertia. *All metal structure, better heat dissipation.

Completely solve the drawing

Withdraw at high speed without damaging the filament.

Upgraded Concave Gears

Wheel deepens the groove of the gear, which makes it easier to remove the filament residue and solve the problem of slipping after planing of the old model. Execute motor commands. Ensure accurate feeding and withdrawal. Make the printed model more accurate.

Step Value Modification

42/Stepper motor 1.8° (pulse number) 16 subdivision: 370 32 breakdown: 764 64 subdivision: 1528 >DEFAULT_E0_STEPS_PER_UNIT 370 #Default Axis-E Steps Per Unit (steps/mm) The diameter of the extrusion wheel: 8.85mm The above values are for reference only: it is recommended to print a fixed numerical size model to measure the accuracy of the printed product. The value of the adjustable step value: such as 365~385

Left-Right Handed Compatibility

Adjust the#Invert the stepper direction. >INVERT_E0_DIR 1 or 0

Double spring compression

Can be adjusted appropriately to suit different materials. The factory has been adjusted to the standard.

Close and Far distances Both ok

Short-range extruder-more suitable for printing soft filaments such as TPU.

OEM Wholesale Support

Supports short distance extrusion and long distance extrusion.



Pay attention to the stepper motor gear and tighten the screw position to prevent interference with the reduction gear. Correct as shown below.

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