Homers/TEVO 3D Printers 3D filament PLA/ABS/PETG/etc filament 1.75

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3D filament pla filament 1.75 Multi-colors 1kg plastic spools filament 1.75 3D printer filament impressora 3D filamento Support Homers/TEVO/Ender3/Prusa/Anycubic 3D printer high quality printing result filament.

1.1.75mm ,Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.05mm
3.1KG/Roll , Vacuum sealed packaging
4.Nozzle Printing Temperature :200-240 C
5. Heatbed Temperature : 0 C or 60-80 C
6.Raw material from High quality USA Natural.
7. PLA is environmental biomaterial ,extracted from Corn, biodegradable.
8.PLA has high intensity and stiffness, surface gloss and smooth, no odor during printing
9.PLA can avoid curling and warping during printing

1x 1.75mm 1Kg PLA Plastic 3D Printer Supplies Filament


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