How to find the correct Support from our site !

How to find the correct Support from our site !

Dear Owners ,

Thanks for your interesting in our products , in order to improvement the customers tech support and quickly reply , we have create the Group's Tech Support and 7/24 Hrs Online Support Live Chat .  If you have any good suggestion , feel free to write the comment to us , we will keep on improving.

How to find the support correct and quickly :

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  • mickey

    i have been patient for a response because of the holidays but now am annoyed i have a tarantula that the extruder will only run one direction when wires are reversed i can get to run correct direction but will not retract when printing instead feeds extra material i need a solution or need to return the machine please let me know a resolution

    thank you

  • chris

    @CHRIS LEONARDO , our RS that’s the Sgen-L 32 bit mainboard so far . the old stock in May 2020 , we used 200 PCs Skr and Gen-l to replace the Sgen-L . and we have send all of the new board to our customers . Thanks for your commend and if have any question feel free to contact us .

  • Chris Leonardo

    The RS so far that’s the sgen-L 32 mainboard now . We made mistake for 200 PCs gen-l to replace the SGEN that’s 6 months ago . You can directly place the order if you interested, that’s the newest version .

  • Igor Camacho

    Hello! I’m interested to buy a Tarantula RS 3D Printer, but i’m confused about the mainboard informations because in some places i see 32 bits mainboard system, and in other places i see 8 bits mainboard. Can you tell me what is the real information? Tank you.


    Why isn’t there any instructions for the printer I bought?. How am I supposed to put it together?