How to find the correct Support from our site !

How to find the correct Support from our site !

Dear Owners ,

Thanks for your interesting in our products , in order to improvement the customers tech support and quickly reply , we have create the Group's Tech Support and 7/24 Hrs Online Support Live Chat .  If you have any good suggestion , feel free to write the comment to us , we will keep on improving.

How to find the support correct and quickly :

Support Group (Tech & Warranty Support ) :


Homers/TEVO Forum :  Online Forum

Homers/TEVO All Files (Instruction files & Firmware) :

Homers/TEVO Troubleshooting (Knowledge-base) :

Homers/TEVO Business Partner :    Skype : 

Looking For Products Reviewers (Youtube/Blog) , If someone who interesting in review our products please contact here  :

Your Sincerely

Homers/TEVO Team


  • Brett

    I ordered an RS a month ago, then after 2 weeks you cancelled my order, because you said paypal wouldn’t release the money to you for 6 months. So I reordered using your new paypal account, after you promised my printer would be shipped in 72Hrs. That was 10 days ago, my printer still hasn’t been shipped, and no reply to emails or fb msgs. I dread the though of an needing any type of after sales support, if you cant do something as easy as posting a box. I feel I might be at the very beginning of what will become a horror story. Ship my printer or refund my payment, I’m done waiting.

  • Eric

    Ok, so I got a brand new printer put it together and out of the box nothing responds. It all turns on but nothing responds. I have checked all connections over and over. The board will not accept new firmware. It even through tinyusb or Arduino uno. This is a dead board. There is no help on Facebook groups. I am very familiar with printers and this is avravating . I’m going to hit YouTube and reach a ton of viewers with my review soon if this is not fixed. Plus all the firmware is mixxed up. I imagine many are bricking there printers with the confusion since some started getting shipped with mks gen l boards. C’mon guys

  • Jack

    None of those files are accessible anyway…
    tried them all

  • jack

    @Chris. That link doesn’t do shit. Where in those files are actual instructions??

  • Andrea

    Hello. I dont understand if i order or not.
    I have received the payment message via SMS but not a Number order or mail.please help me.