How to find the correct Support from our site !

How to find the correct Support from our site !



Dear Owners ,

Thanks for your interesting in our products , in order to improvement the customers tech support and quickly reply , we have create the Group's Tech Support and 7/24 Hrs Online Support Live Chat .  If you have any good suggestion , feel free to write the comment to us , we will keep on improving.

How to find the support correct and quickly :

Support Group (Tech & Warranty Support ) :


Homers/TEVO Forum :  Online Forum

Homers/TEVO All Files (Instruction files & Firmware) :

Homers/TEVO Troubleshooting (Knowledge-base) :

Homers/TEVO Business Partner :    Skype : 

Looking For Products Reviewers (Youtube/Blog) , If someone who interesting in review our products please contact here  :

Your Sincerely

Homers/TEVO Team



    I’ve bought the Tarantula RS model, but it is disassembled. Please where can I find an assembly tutorial? Thank you

  • Chris Leonardo

    @JAMES CALHOUN , you can click the research and find the printer’s replacement parts in our store . or you can order from this link :

  • Gilchrist

    I just received they orders resend , No bad . at leaset the money not lost . hope they company running as better as possible . My recommend , please take care of the customers support , that’s the key to a company success .

  • James Calhoun

    I have a Tevo Tornado (Gold) 110V and need a replacement print bed. I found the replacement but am not sure which item to order. i want a plug and play unit (i.e. glass, heater, and insulation).

  • Egil Ballestad

    “My 3d printer keeps saying No SD Card when I go to print. however on the main screen it says card inserted. the SD card works perfectly fine on my pc.”

    I have the exact same issue as this guy

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