“ Homers/Tevo Hydra “ In 2021 Newest and best choice design 3D printer

“ Homers/Tevo Hydra “ In 2021 Newest and best choice design 3D printer

The Homers saga continues...

Out of the darkest realms of the Underworld comes a monster with multiple heads called Hydra. As one head is removed another will replace it.
The creature was designed from the minds of engineers from around the world including USA, Israel, Germany, Poland and Finland. The looks were sculpted form an Italian Super Car engineer. With the brute strength and looks comes the Israeli engineers using finesse to modify the Marlin Firmware to wake the beast.

Hydra has a modular head system that allows the SINGLE EXTRUDER to be swapped out with a LASER, CNC, DUAL EXTRUDER. Hydra has a 310mm x 310mm x 400mm print volume with print speeds from 60mm/s to 200mm/s and travel speeds up to 300mm/s. Hydra has a AC heat bed controlled by a Solid State Relay (SSR) and a 135C fuse for saftey and can heat the bed to 120C in under 2 mins. Hydra uses a removable ceramic glass bed (upgradeable to a magnetic PEI flex plate) and a 3DTouch sensor to level the bed. Hydra uses a Direct Drive Dual Drive BMG Extruder with a v6 Volcano Hotend with a Filament Runout Sensor. Hydra uses synced Dual Z Axis to ensure the greatest accuray. Hydra uses 32bit MKS sGen L v2.0 with TMC 2209 v2.0 (UART Mode) Silent Drivers running Marlin and a 4.2" Touchscreen.


  • chris

    @MT the video manual will update on Jan 15 . please wait .keep eyes on our update . thanks a lot .

  • MT

    It looks great, any videos available? Please post videos with full printer specs so buyers can set their options.

  • Charles

    Really, really ,really like the specifications on the Hydra. Don’t know why I won’t commit. Still weighing my options

  • Skip

    the features looks very powerful , where to order it ?

  • Skip Hoki

    when will this printer release . interesting .

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